Line & Earthing Clamps


COMMON FEATURES. All LCFB clamp bodies are electro tinned forged brass. All threaded spindles are stainless steel. The Overhead Conductor Range is 7/1.70- 19/3.75 (5mm-19mm.O.D.) Current rating: 165 Amps

LCFB-1. The stainless steel threaded spindle is diameter. The stainless steel cross pin is 3mm. diameter x 35 mm. long. Tap Conductor Range is 7/1.70-19/1.53, by the B24 tinned line clamp supplied.

MASS: 0.44kg.


LCFB2-12 is similar to the LCFB-1 above except it has a 12mm. diameter stainless steel threaded spindle and 6mm. diameter x 50mm. long stainless steel cross pin.

Tap Conductor in place of the B24 tinned line tap this clamp is supplied with a M10 x 30 mm stud for lug connection of the tap conductor.

MASS: 0.47kg.


LCFB1-R is manufactured to the same specification as LCFB-1 above but has a ring cast to the 10mm Stainless Steel Spindle. Ring is 18.0mm OD and 32.5mm ID.

MASS: 0.47kg.


LCFB2-R is manufactured to the same specification as the LCFB1-R above except it is supplied with an M10 x 30mm. stud for lug connection instead of the B24 tinned line tap. Threaded spindle is 10mm. diameter stainless steel.

MASS: 0.48kg.