Earthing Clamp, Single Conductor To Flat Surface

Types ESS (single conductor) and EST (twin conductor) clamps are designed to connect copper earthing conductors to flat plates using the bolt ,nut and spring washer supplied. Alternatively they can be used for blind hole mounting such as required when connecting to inserts in power poles. For this variation the suffix ‘NC’ is added to the Cat.No, which stands for ‘non – captured bolt’. Refer to Fig. 1 and Fig. 4 below. The nut is replaced by a disposable neoprene washer and a flat and spring washer is fitted under the head of the bolt. The clamp top is raised to provide free movement of the bolt head.

All clamps can be supplied electro tin plated to 75 microns when required.For this varia- tion add ‘T’ to the Cat.No. For example ESS120 NC-T.

Castings are in high copper content alloy. Hardware is stainless steel. Longer bolts can be supplied if required.



           Fig.1                                     Fig.2                                        Fig.3                                   Fig.4 

ESS120 NC-T                          ESS 120                                  EST 95                            EST120 NC-T              Shown (Plated)             Shown (Natural)               Shown (Natural)           Shown ( Plated)