Disconnectable Tee Clamp


Type ASCD Tee Clamps are used for connecting cables to overhead conductors. They are generally used in conjunction with a slotted cable lug thereby providing an easier means of isolation. The main clamp body is cast in aluminium alloy which is then swaged onto the tinned bronze adaptor plate. The adaptor plate has an integral M12 or M16 stud and washer nut capable of accommodating slotted lugs with M12 or M16 clearance slots up to a thickness of 16 mm. Hardware is stainless steel. Clamps are supplied already filled with jointing compound.

OVERHEAD CONDUCTOR RANGE 7/2.25 – 19/3.75 ( 6.75 – 18.8 mm. O.D.)


Cat Number : ASCD5- M12 has M12 stud & Nut

Cat Number : ASCD5- M16 has M16 Stud & Nut.